5 Methods to Capture Your Readers’ Attention

In the world of full noise, how do you get people who actually reads what you write?

If you are thinking that content is king or writing quality content will make you win, then you are wrong, because readers never like to read long articles unless there is something which really interesting.

So based on my experiences here are 5 methods to capture your readers’ attention.

Capture Your Readers' Attention

On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.

#1. Compelling Headlines

Are you drawn to the blog post with heading ‘How to dress for summer’ or ‘5 ways on how to dress for summer under $50’? Create compelling and interesting headlines for your posts to awaken your reader’s curiosity to continue reading. It takes more than a good content or blog design. The most important part is headlines.

#2. Keep it Short

We have a short attention span and your readers may not make it to the end of your post. Hence, the best way to keep your readers’ attention is
to start your post with a conclusion. Get to the point early and use the rest of your article to support your statement.

Sometimes it is not possible to keep things short and need to be explained in detail, so one this case we can write the whole things and somewhere in the post use TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read). It works much better, few users read the whole article even after showing a very small amount of interest.

#3. Make Your Posts Easy to Read

We read very differently online than we read books, magazines, and newspapers.

The direct light from computer screens affects our eyes; we read slower and get tired much faster. On your blog, use a font that is easy to read on a screen and use bigger line spacing like 1.4em or more for your blog posts.

Keep a clear structure in your posts to allow your readers to quickly scan through them. Group your main points into compact paragraphs and use subheadings that summarise them. Make sure you communicate clearly and keep your sentences short.

#4. Talk to Your Audience

Your posts won’t be for everyone. Avoid generalities and instead, pretend you are writing the post for a friend who would be interested in your topic. This technique will make your copy personable and enables you to connect with your readers on a friend-like level.

#5. Be Informative

Avoid using your posts and instead, add substance by including practical and valuable information. Do your research and draw from your knowledge and personal experience.

Your stories and real life examples will meet your readers’ need for practical information and will help them to connect with you on an emotional level that is key for building a strong readership that will visit your blog regularly.

These tips will sure help you to capture readers’ attention all the times.

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