5 major ways to reduce energy consumption at home

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Going green is more important than ever; the earth has an estimated decade to halt climate change. If we don’t stop environmental destruction in time, the planet won’t recover, and humanity will cease to exist. While that’s all pretty frightening, going green is now more accessible and practical than ever before. With this, reducing energy consumption at home is vital; and we’ve listed the significant ways you can do this.


Use solar power.

Even though installing solar power at home will require a substantial investment, it’s definitely worth it for the environment and your pocket. The initial investment will inevitably reward you with a significantly lower power bill, although you won’t be paying a power bill at all if you go fully solar.

Solar rooftop

For a fully solar home, you’ll need solar battery storage, several solar panels, and other solar equipment like a solar water heater. To store solar energy, you’ll need to invest in a few solar panels and a solar battery LifePo4. It’s important to determine your energy needs when installing solar power at home; this will determine the specific number of solar panels that your home needs and what type of battery is best.

Replace the insulation.

Replacing your home’s insulation is essential every 15-20 years. This home maintenance project will enhance your home’s ability to retain temperature, so your heating and cooling needs will be lower. Therefore, your energy consumption will decrease substantially.

Spray foam insulation

Even if you have installed solar power, it’s still worthwhile to be conservative with consumption to reduce strain on your power system.

Switch off.

Switching off and unplugging can decrease your power pill quite a bit. With this, your appliances and gadgets will also last longer. Moreover, it’s a small effort to protect the planet.

Light switch

While switching off will reduce consumption, it’s not necessary to unplug appliances. If the plug switch is off, the power supply is paused.

Upgrade appliances.

Most modern home appliances are energy-efficient as a general standard. So, if your home’s appliances are somewhat outdated, upgrading them will reduce your power consumption substantially.


Upgrading appliances is also worthwhile in terms of convenience and efficiency; new appliances will boast added features and extra functions that outdated appliances don’t.

Install energy-efficient lighting.

Not all lightbulbs are energy-efficient. Energy-efficient lighting reduces light consumption by 80-90%. Even though regular bulbs don’t need much power, every bit of reduction in your power consumption will benefit the planet.

LED Light

What’s more, energy-efficient light bulbs are also pretty pocket-friendly. So this eco-friendly home upgrade won’t cost you much at all.

Going green has so many personal benefits, from monetary savings and boosted quality of life to a more robust immune system and so much more. With this, there are tons of other ways that you can adopt a green lifestyle. Avoiding single-use plastics, using eco-friendly cleaning products, and starting an organic herb or veggie garden are also practical ways to protect the environment and improve your quality of life at the same time.

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