5 Drivers of Success Inherent to Any Web Development Project

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Why some sites are astonishing while others stay so difficult to use and not attractive? Why one project meets timelines and launches successfully while others miss all deadlines?

Answer is not about amount of money you pay for web-development and even not about web developer’s reputation. The answer lies in a way how the whole working process is organized and how one communicates with developers. And if clients want to make their project successful and don’t mistake with a company they are working with, they should take care of 5 main factors influencing success of your project.

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What Makes Your Web Development Project Successful?

Choosing right web developer is not enough for making an astonishing website. Success of your project depends only on how final version of this site meets your initial expectations. Achieving this requires your active participation and commitment in the following areas:

Communication: Ordering web-site or app development is not like when you give technical task to developer and expect to watch the final version in a couple of days. When you work with web development or companies, which specialize in web-design, you are the one who knows how your site will look like. If you want any website, you can rely on developers (it doesn’t always work). But when you already have your vision on how it should look like, you cannot transfer it to developers without negotiating with them from the start;

The Content on Your Website: Content-strategy matters both for SEO-optimization and for the attractiveness of your site. You should know where you can get the content, how it will be organized and distributed between different sections. You can also rely on content ordered by web developers but don’t get annoyed if you don’t like content they provide. Anyway, most of them use help of remote copywriters who may not know which content do you prefer;

Whether Your Website Development is Made Through Outsourcing or Not: There are two options on how to develop and maintain your website: to order it to external company or to hire an internal developer to develop a website. Typically, the second option is more costly, and not well organized. Your worker operates days and nights to develop a website and then works two hours a day to add new projects. Although the first option is riskier, it is not so expensive;

Presence of a Clear Plan: Successful project managers always divide a project into a number of parts and then look for its implementation. So after 2 days when you’ve given a technical task to your developers, ask whether they have a plan of what they will do. If they provide a plan, look it through and compare, how it is consistent with how you see the process. If they don’t provide any plan – don’t expect that they will deliver your website in time;

Whom You Order Your Website to: Don’t deliver your project to a performer whom you don’t trust. Search for its reviews made by past clients, find out its staff’s experience and how many years does it operate in this market. Even if an offered price is lower, with wrong performer you might waste them.

How to Maintain Good Level of Communication?

In web development, the more you communicate with developers, the better. But writing to your developers each day is not the best behavior.

Micromanagement and overlooking might only worsen your relationship with your client, although this relationship is the key driver of your success.

Choose a reliable developer and expect that the final work will be done in the best way possible (as you expect your contractor to be professional).

And don’t hesitate to contact in case you want to clarify some moments or assess whether their plan of actions is consistent with your vision.

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