1 HP is equal to how many watts?

1 HP (HorsePower) is equal to about 746 watts.

HP to Watts calculator:

HorsePower: HP.

Watts: W.

KiloWatts: kW.

★ The formula for an approximate result, multiply the Power value by 746.

HorsePower (HP) is a unit of power that is commonly used to measure the output power of engines and motors. It was originally developed to describe the power output of steam engines but has since been adopted to describe the power output of internal combustion engines and electric motors.


It is defined as the amount of work done in a unit of time, typically one minute.

One HorsePower is equal to 746 watts. The unit is named after James Watt, the inventor of the steam engine, who determined that a horse could lift 550 pounds of coal one foot in one minute. HorsePower is commonly used to describe the power output of automobiles, motorcycles, and other vehicles, as well as industrial equipment such as pumps, generators, and compressors.

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