Time Management

How to start your week right?

Woman putting calendar on the wall.

Every weekend most of us think of starting the coming week right. Because in a certain age of life we think to extract most out of the week which gets wasted in just office and then homework. So, how to start your week right? The easiest way to start the week right is at that […]

How to maintain your productivity?

Maintain Productivity

Gaining productivity is a challenge, maintaining it even more so. Add a new goal or objective and things can get scary. We worked hard to get where we are in life, and things are running smoothly… for the most part. This new thing has the potential to pop in and muck everything up. So, how […]

How do I become a successful event planner?

Event Planner

Event planning is a very lucrative career field. Corporations and entrepreneurs are always hosting special events, product launches, and business gatherings for their stakeholders. If you want to be an event planner, you will find a lot of job opportunities waiting for you. However, a vast amount of competition exists in the event planning industry. […]

Short on time? Things to outsource immediately


Many people focus their outsourcing on large, complex tasks or those that are outside their technical skills. That’s a good start, but there’s more you can do to free up your time and energy. Indeed, even minimal tasks and to-do list items can keep you from obtaining your career and personal goals. These are five […]

How to Work Less and Get More Done?

Work Less and Get More Done

A lot of people have started online businesses hoping to be able to quit their full-time job in the near future. But in the process, while they’re still just starting to build their business and still aren’t making much money, they’re spending so much time on their businesses that they begin to hate their lives. […]