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Online Security

Should I really cover my laptop camera?

Published by Atul Kumar Pandey on September 24, 2019.
Laptop Camera

In today’s interconnected world, almost every device can be targeted by hackers to snoop on people’s personal lives. The Internet of Things (IoT) that has already started transforming business models of organizations will further deteriorate cybersecurity at the level of individuals and household devices. Specifically, laptops may be easily hacked and their cameras could be […]

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How to keep your business information secure online?

Published by Atul Kumar Pandey on February 1, 2019.
Keep Business Information Secure Online

With today’s advancements in technology, it has become more critical for business owners and startups to safeguard their information. This is even a priority for those companies that run their business operations online. That said, businesses should strive hard to protect all sensitive information against those people with bad intentions since it’s easy for hackers […]

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Tech giants like Amazon, Google, Microsoft are using AI to fight hackers

Published by Atul Kumar Pandey on January 27, 2019.
Artificial Intelligence

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a double-edged sword that can be dangerous in both ways. Yes, it can surely help to save lives by the early detection of potential diseases like cancer, if it goes into the evil hands, they can use it to launch potent attacks. Last year, the Azure Security Team of Microsoft detected […]

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How to improve online security at home?

Published by Atul Kumar Pandey on May 12, 2017.
Online Security

Protecting yourself from online threats and improving your overall online security sounds easier than you might think. Preventive measures can be done within the comforts of your own home; you won’t need to buy a solid router, additional security devices, or anything like that. Let’s face it, we have grown too dependent on the internet […]

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Security Threat for Old Android Phones: Auto Rooting Apps Malware Detected

Published by Atul Kumar Pandey on July 19, 2016.

Old android phones have suddenly encountered a security threat in the form of malware that has affected more than 10 million phones till now out of which almost 286,000 handsets are from US, as per the numbers revealed by security experts. The major share of infected phones still belongs to China. This malware family is […]

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What are DoS and DDoS attacks? What are their protection possibilities?

Published by Atul Kumar Pandey on January 21, 2016.
Protect Against DDoS Attacks

Cyberattacks have turned out to be more common, with data infringes on top-rated organizations and businesses, making regular news on a daily basis. DoS threats exist in different forms, with few targeting the primary server infrastructure directly, whereas others take advantage of vulnerabilities in communication protocols and applications. The Distributed Denial of Service Attack is […]

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