Transitioning your startup out of the beginning stages


The transition from your startup’s initial stages to becoming a fully scaled-up business is both exciting and petrifying. It takes courage, skill, and hard work to transform your startup into something bigger and better. All the sleepless nights and hard work have paid off, and now you’re ready to take your business to the next […]

How to honor women in procurement this March?

Female procurement leader

March is Women’s History Month, and it also happens to be National Procurement Month. What better way to celebrate than by honoring women in procurement? First, you need to understand exactly what procurement means to businesses and learn about some known female global leaders. Define – Procurement vs. Supply chain Unless you’re intimately familiar with […]

How good leaders help during a crisis?


Effective leadership is one of the most invaluable things people faced with a crisis situation can have. It has, in the past, helped save thousands of lives. Leaders, like Hari Ravichandran, understand the importance of guiding people during difficult times. Take a look at this explanation of how good leaders assist during a crisis. Create […]

How to resolve business disputes?

Business Disputes

Regardless of what industry you work in, one thing that you likely know well is that your peers, acquaintances, and clients may not always agree with you. With different people and unique minds in the world, it’s unfathomable to imagine that everyone will agree and get along. With this in mind, an essential skill in […]

9 tips for new managers


Congratulations! This is the first time you’ve been in a leadership position. Maybe you expected it or maybe it happened because of the growing company you work for suddenly needed a manager. Either way, you feel that your career has moved upwards and you are being sprinkled with roses and dollar bills. Please do enjoy […]

Why do you need to use management apps to track your employees’ productivity?


Every company’s greatest assets are the employees and workers because they provide a competitive advantage to the organization. It’s the reason why you’d want not only to attract the best workers but also retain them through encouragement, providing them a stimulus to perform efficiently, and making them feel and realize that they’re an integral part […]

Employee Appreciation Day Quotes

Employee Appreciation

Either you’re celebrating employee appreciation day or giving a performance award speech, or simply sending kudos to your team, a little thanks goes a long way. Employee appreciation creates an environment where employees want to work and to continue making a difference in the company and on their colleagues. Make employee recognition a part of […]

How to become a good team leader?

Team Leader

We all hope to get better at our jobs as time goes by and that also includes climbing the career ladder and being promoted to a higher position within the company. However, regardless of how much we want to advance and how much we prepare for it, we can still encounter some unexpected situations and […]

Guide Your Team to Success in Business

Team Work

Creating a successful business requires leadership skills. People focus on entrepreneurship as if running a company is a solo operation, but even home-run businesses rely on other people (e.g. clients) for their success. A true entrepreneur knows that their company is bigger than them, and this is certainly the case if you have a workforce […]

Sales Training Activities for Managers

Sales Training Activities

What are Sales Training Activities? Sales training activities are basically games which people participate in with a purpose in mind. These training activities are designed to focus on the problems that are normally encountered when working in the sales industry. They are meant to bolster the knowledge of a group by re-enforcing the knowledge and […]