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How difficult is it to manage your employees remotely and is it even worth it?

A woman is working remotely

There is no doubt that the workplace has changed dramatically in recent years. With advancements in technology, more and more businesses are allowing employees to work remotely. This can be a great way to save on office space and allow employees to work from home, but it can also be difficult to manage remote employees […]

The reality of turning your home into your workplace

Home Office

Even if you’re a knowledge-worker, there’s a lot more to home-working than just buying a laptop or turning your room into an office like workplace. If you want to make home-working a long-term success, then you need to approach it the right way. Here are some points you need to consider. Do you want to […]

How to Work from Home While Being Productive?

Working from Home

The ability to work from home is one of the sharpest double-edged swords in today’s modern, digital economy. On the one hand, it gives you tremendous freedom and flexibility. Who doesn’t like the idea of getting up when you want and working in your PJs? But on the other hand, working from home creates a […]

Reasons Not to Invite Investors Back to Your Home Office

Home Office

There’s nothing unusual about home-based businesses anymore. More people than ever are now operating this way. In large part, that’s thanks to the capabilities of online operations. Anyone can now sit in their home office and build a business through blogging. It’s now even possible to start an online store without going any further than […]

How to Improve Work-Life Balance While Working from Home?

Work-Life Balance

Young mothers, students, and people who are not accustomed to offices and common schedules choose work from home. This is no wonder that it is extremely convenient because you are not supposed to waste your time on the way to and from work, gasoline, make-up, and all the necessary preparations. If you have a child, […]

How to be productive when working from home?

How to Be Productive When Working from Home

Working from home comes with some amazing perks: slide out of bed, enjoy a relaxing breakfast while reading the paper and taking the morning headlines, and saunter over to your home office. Yes, it is as good as it sounds. And that, is just the problem. At home you’re comfortable, familiar and easily distracted. Working […]