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  • Passive income ideas that’ll make you rich

    Passive income ideas that’ll make you rich

    You can make money doing almost nothing. But all you have to do is make some investments that earn themselves and pay you back some handsome returns timely for the lifetime. Here are 8 passive income ideas, I have listed ideas for large as well as small investments so that every budget individual can begin. […]

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  • Do all stocks pay dividends?

    No, not all stocks pay dividends. There are only a few stocks that pay dividends. Usually, companies with a strong cash flow and who have a controlled capital allocation offer a dividend. While new companies that make acquisitions, capital expenditure, and research and development don’t pay dividends at all. Shareholders who hold stocks for the […]

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  • When am I eligible to receive a dividend? Answers to FAQ

    A dividend is a cut of the company’s profits paid out to the shareholders. To be eligible for a dividend, you must be an existing shareholder, or you must purchase the stock during or prior to the cum-dividend trading period and hold the stock on the ex-dividend date. Cum-dividend duration is when a company is […]

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