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List of data centers in India

Data centers

India is a massively growing economy, every day dozens of startups are being formed; every growing economy needs computer servers to ease and scale its business operations. That’s the main reason why the data centers are in demand too. The Government of India made a guideline to keep local data stored in Indian data centers […]

How to choose your colocation facility provider?


As the expenses of operating and maintaining on-premises data centres grow, businesses are rethinking their infrastructure and seeking to reduce on-premises data centre capacity. Colocation data centre providers have become a more appealing and less capex heavy alternative for enterprises, offering physical infrastructure offering reliable power, cooling, network, as well as physical security services. When […]

Tier 2 Internet Service Providers in India


Tier 2 ISP (Internet Service Providers) plays an important role in distributing internet connectivity from submarine cables to land masses, they can sell their bandwidth to businesses, data centers, enterprises, offices, and even consumers. Since tier 2 ISP manages everything on the ground they handle all the telecommunication roles in a country. They often share […]

Tier 1 Internet Service Providers in India


Every country is connected with each other directly or indirectly with the help of submarine fiber optics cables to get access to the Internet. The main job of Tier 1 ISPs is to connect the 2 or more countries’ landmasses using fiber optics cable. In India, we are connected to the world internet from Chennai, […]

Why the demand for data centers in India is soaring?

Data Center

Year 2020 was difficult time for everyone, but the same time came with a lot of new opportunities to take over the local as well as international demand. The same opportunity is here for data centers, the demand for the online activity of users almost touched the maximum limit, similarly the use of online video […]

Demand for Data Centers in India Could Double by 2025


Data centers are the dedicated space in a building – a building premise – or it could be a group of buildings where a huge number of servers are running 24×7 with many failover safety backups. So that businesses that use these data centers can relax to host and manage their database, services, websites without […]

How is India connected to the internet?

Fiber Optics Network Server

India has given too much value and importance to the Internet, we wondered: how much time do people really spend online? What do people really know about the Internet, like where does it come from, how does it work and how is India connected to the Internet? Let’s dive into the world of networking… “the […]

6 Reasons Why Hosting Companies Should Focus on Regular Data Center Maintenance

Data Center

It’s a good time to be in the web hosting business. The industry has been enjoying double-digit growth on its way to over $150 billion in annual revenues. Although price competition is fierce, the demand for managed hosting services and other premium offerings give companies options to protect their margins. To capture market share, however, […]