An investment is an asset or item acquired with the goal of generating income or appreciation. Appreciation refers to an increase in the value of an asset over time. When an individual purchase a good as an investment, the intent is not to consume the good but rather to use it in the future to create wealth.

5 tips for redecorating old houses

House decorations

When you move into an older home, it’s important to make it your own. But that doesn’t mean ripping out all the characters of the house and starting from scratch. There are plenty of ways to update your home while still retaining its historic charm. Here are five tips for how to do just that: […]

Is investing in SBI FDs safe?

Fixed deposits

SBI fixed deposits are safe investment avenues for investors looking for assured returns. Get to know more about the SBI FD rate of interest, features and more.

Should you invest in cryptocurrency during the crypto winter?


The world of Bitcoin (BTC) has frozen over once again, with the value of this cryptocurrency plummeting to about half of its previous high. The value of Bitcoin last began a downward spiral at the end of March this year, where it sat at just over a comfortable $36k. It dropped to around $31k in […]

What are index funds? Explained

Index chart

Index means indices. Indices refer to a measurement of the price performance of a group of shares from an exchange. For example, NSE’s Nifty 50 contains the top 50 companies in India, and BSE’s Sensex contains the top 30 companies in India. Similarly, there are indexes based on the category of business like – Nifty […]

Is a business loan a good idea? What you need to know


It is common knowledge that one must invest money if they want to create more. This saying is especially applicable to businesses. In the case of a business, the infusion of an adequate amount of capital facilitates growth, profitability, and longevity.

5 promotional items that are actually useful for office workers

Promotional items

Distribution of promotional products is a great way to get more brand recognition and remind consumers and potential clients what you can do. The right item promotes customer retention and loyalty, generates leads, boosts your brand visibility, and helps you stand out among competitors. Choosing the right promotional products is essential. If it isn’t practical, […]

How to start investing in art?


There are plenty of good reasons major corporations like Deutsche Bank, UBS, and JP Morgan Chase have a curator who works on their private art collection. For example, the UBS art collection includes 35,000 pieces, which means around one piece of art for every two employees. The reasons major banks and other corporations are bringing […]

How to choose an investment platform?


Your work should bring a well-deserved income. But not only work can serve as a source of your income. You can make your money operate for you. This mechanism is called passive income. You invest in stocks and receive dividends. Also read: Do all stocks pay dividends? The procedure of investing money in stocks for […]

Passive income ideas that’ll make you rich


You can make money doing almost nothing. But all you have to do is make some investments that earn themselves and pay you back some handsome returns timely for the lifetime. Here are 8 passive income ideas, I have listed ideas for large as well as small investments so that every budget individual can begin. […]

Looking for the best savings schemes? Here’s how it looks!

Savings schemes

Looking for the best investment options? Read this to know about the best saving schemes available in India