Web Server

A web server is a computer that runs websites and online applications.

How to create a website?

Create a Website

A website contains a collection of information in the form of web pages. These pages include texts, images, videos, and other components. Websites are often created for monetization and passive income sources. Learning how to make a site is made easier today with the latest tools and software available on the world wide web. Here […]

6 Reasons Why Hosting Companies Should Focus on Regular Data Center Maintenance

Data Center

It’s a good time to be in the web hosting business. The industry has been enjoying double-digit growth on its way to over $150 billion in annual revenues. Although price competition is fierce, the demand for managed hosting services and other premium offerings give companies options to protect their margins. To capture market share, however, […]

How to choose budget-friendly hosting service for WordPress?

Web Servers

WordPress is a very popular service to build user-friendly websites in no time. It provides the simplicity to build a websites with easy options. But, choosing the best Web hosting for a WordPress is a tricky task; especially when you have no idea about type of servers for WordPress platform. There are various factors you […]

Install cPanel WHM on CentOS 7 RHEL and CloudLinux


In this tutorial we will install cPanel and WHM on CentOS 7 or on RHEL and CloudLinux Platforms. In tutorial I have used DigitalOcean as web server. You can choose any of managed or unmanaged web server for this setup. Lets see about cPanel and WHM and know how to install them on CentOS 7. […]

How to hide PHP version?

Hide PHP Version

PHP is an open-source web scripting language that is widely used to build dynamic web pages. But its default installation leaves a hack and unneeded information called PHP version as X-Powered-By: PHP/X.x.x which help hackers to target your site for various vulnerabilities; especially when you have installed an outdated software. So it is a good thing to […]

Nginx Redirection Non-www to www and www to Non-www

NGINX Redirection www non www and Vice Versa

Sometime we will need to redirect the main non www to www, or the vice versa, www to non www url. This Nginx Redirection is useful if you need to avoid duplicate contents in your Search Engine Optimization methods because Google consider a site with www and non-www two different sites. So on Nginx we can […]

Useful guidelines for a cheap web hosting solution

Cheap Web Hosting Solution

Cheap Web Hosting solution is an important issue that needs a sincere and quality approach to take the decision. As there are lots of service providers, the identification of the right kind of reliable web host is always a brain storming task. It is even more critical because of tons of information with promises and […]

How to Setup 301 Redirect in Nginx?

Setup 301 Redirect in Nginx

301 redirect is very easy to setup if we are using Apache webserver, usually we do it via editing the .htaccess file, however if we switched to Nginx webserver then we will find that the old .htaccess 301 trick doesn’t work here. So, here is how to apply a 301 redirect in Nginx? It is almost as easy […]

413 request entity too large

Nginx Error 413

The error “413 Request Entity Too Large” is a very common error that occurs with Apache or Nginx web servers. It appears when someone requests more information than is limited by Apache or Nginx and by PHP configurations. It can be found on standalone Apache/Nginx web server or while proxy-based solutions when NGINX acts as […]

How to Hide Nginx Version?


Sometimes due to lack of time it is difficult to update the software and you end up with running old vulnerable version. In this cases, it comes to handy to know how to hide nginx version or turn off server signature in nginx from all the public. Hiding nginx version is too easy which can be done […]