How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages on iPhone?

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People all around the globe use WhatsApp to connect with their loved ones, friends, family, and even clients. The interface is used to send texts, voices, photos, videos and other documents between its users. With over a million messages sent and received daily across the platform, some of these contents are very important for the recipients and the senders.

But what happens if we lost them? Is there any way we can retrieve these data? Can we regain our content even if we haven’t backed up our WhatsApp data on the cloud or on our computer?


These are some of the worries a lot of users have when they have accidentally deleted their important data or lost them on WhatsApp. Don’t panic. There are a number of ways in which you can find how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages iPhone, even if you haven’t backed up your data.

Solution to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages

The iSkysoft Toolbox – Recover (iOS) is the best tool to get the job done. By using this software program, you could retrieve all the lost data in no time. Whether it be the text messages, photos, documents or anything else, the iSkysoft Toolbox helps you to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone effortlessly.

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages on iPhone with iSkysoft Toolbox?

Let us delve into the steps that need to be undertaken to retrieve the lost data from your device.


  • iSkysoft Toolbox software installed on your computer

  • Device and its connecting cable

Step 1:

  • Connect the iPhone to your computer using the lightning cable
  • Launch the iSkysoft Toolbox program
  • Select the Recovery option from the main window of the program
iSkysoft Home

Step 2:

When the program recognizes your device, you will get a window where the left side menu has some options. Click on Restore from iOS device option. Check in the respective boxes to select all the categories of data that you need to recover from your device. Click Start Scan option to begin the recovery process.

iSkysoft Recover

Step 3:

Now the software will scan for all the selected categories that you checked in the previous step on your device.

iSkysoft Recover Analyse

Step 4:

After the completion of the scanning process. The results will be displayed on the screen under each category. Select the required messages that need to be restored. You can click Export to PC to send them to your computer or click Restore to Device to send them to your iPhone.

iSkysoft Restore

In this way, you can easily restore and recover the deleted WhatsApp messages on your device with the iSkysoft Toolbox. But there are other practices that one must adopt to protect their content on WhatsApp especially for iPhone users who face application crashing issues.

  • Backup your WhatsApp regularly to recover messages easily. With the iSkysoft Toolbox – Restore Social App’s backup option you could selectively backup your important contents and helps in easy restoration.
  • Change the WhatsApp’s automatic backup frequency into ‘Daily’, so that the application backs up its data daily and ensures better data protection.
  • Keep the WhatsApp updated regularly as it ensures the best working version and bug fixes from the earlier versions.

The iSkysoft Toolbox – Restore Social App is the best option to backup WhatsApp iPhone as it is easier to use and hassle-free in its operation. You could backup your content selectively and can be used to restore all the data into a new device if you wish to switch your device. Backing up the data helps you to free the space on your iPhone to make space for new applications and data.

How to Backup WhatsApp Messages on iPhone with iSkysoft Toolbox?

The following steps will help you to backup WhatsApp from your iPhone using the iSkysoft Toolbox – Restore Social App.


  • iSkysoft Toolbox software installed on your computer

  • Device and its connecting cable

Step 1:

  • Launch iSkysoft Toolbox software
  • Connect the device using the connecting cable and wait for the program to detect it
  • Click Restore Social App option from the window
iSkysoft Home

Step 2:

  • Select WhatsApp from the menu on the left side
  • Select Backup WhatsApp Messages option
iSkysoft Restore - Backup WhatsApp Messages

Step 3:

The Backup process progress will be shown on the window. Wait for the process to complete.

iSkysoft Restore - Status

Step 4:

When the backup process is over, you can verify it by clicking View It option.

iSkysoft Restore - View

This solution helps you to access the backed up content to read and access your WhatsApp data anytime. It also helps in selectively choosing the files and messages that you need to backup. With the help of iSkysoft Toolbox, you can ensure all-round protection for your WhatsApp data whether it be backing up and restoring your content or recovering deleted messages. iSkysoft Toolbox does it all.

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