Web Dev

Web development is the work involved in developing a website for the Internet or an intranet. Web development can range from developing a simple single static page of plain text to complex web applications, electronic businesses, and social network services. Let’s build the future of the web, together. Take advantage of the latest modern technologies to build amazing web experiences for everyone.

8 winning tips to hire a web development team

A web development team

A web developer is responsible for building the online face for your business that allows your customers to interact with your products or service virtually. When such a high responsibility is shouldered on the developer, it is critical to hire the right people. A small mishap can lead to a wrong hire that can, in […]

Dog Years – JavaScript Project


Here is another javascript project after Kelvin weather, the calculation of Dog years in javascript. Dogs mature at a faster rate than human beings. We often say a dog’s age can be calculated in “dog years” to account for their growth compared to a human of the same age. In some ways we could say, […]

Kelvin Weather — JavaScript Project

Kelvin thermometers

In Codecademy, when learning the basics of JavaScript we are given a project of building Kelvin weather, where we have to convert Kelvin to Celsius, then to Fahrenheit. In this article, I’ve explained the javascript codes with explanations. Data we’ve already with us: Today’s weather forecast: 293 Kelvin. Celsius is similar to Kelvin — the […]

Why you should use React.js for web development?


The web development process is largely backed by the back-end and front-end libraries and frameworks. It has become essential to use libraries for building high-performing and responsive websites and web applications. The high-paced technological world keeps giving birth to new libraries and frameworks every other day. In such a scenario, it has become quite a […]

How does the front-end development factor into business success?

Front-end development

The world is increasingly becoming web-based, which means creating a robust online presence for your business is nearly inevitable. Think of it as making the perfect first impression with your customers. Since websites are the first interaction point between the business and customers online, you must prioritize making them as attractive and responsive as possible. […]

Five best guidelines for Cloud-Native DevOps implementation


Cloud-Native DevOps is a set of ideas that describe how people work together to build, install, and run applications in a cloud-native environment. Containers, microservices, and Kubernetes have transformed how people work. As a result, cloud-native DevOps should indeed be considered as a technique that broadens the ongoing requirements for development and IT teams to […]

Benefits of automated UI testing


While it’s important that developers find the right balance between manual testing and automated testing, due to every project being unique and requiring various elements to be evaluated, there are numerous advantages of automated UI testing.

Website design step-by-step guide + Time & Price


You can talk endlessly about website design because no matter how much you delve into this topic, there are always new questions: is it better to create a typical website design not to spend a lot of money and time or to risk investing in a custom website design? How to create the best website […]

How to add pagination to WordPress theme?

Numeric Pagination

While developing a custom WordPress theme for a blog most of us were stuck in the numeric pagination of archives. By default, WordPress has implemented simple pagination which enables the Next Page and Previous Page navigation function and that can be added by a single line of code, but that looks outdated and inconvenient for […]

How to add posts_nav_link() to WordPress theme?

Building WP theme from scratch! You’ll definitely need to add pagination in the index, archives, and similar templates and you can do this by adding the posts_nav_link function. Here is how to add them. Note: I assume that you have knowledge of PHP and where to add these codes. Default pagination: <?php posts_nav_link(); ?> It […]