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How to Choose the Best Travel Laptop?

Best Travel Laptop

In today’s world, more people have jobs which require them to travel some times during the week if not every day. IT employees, business travellers or any technical people need to work while travelling so as to utilize their little time as much as possible. Due to growing business needs, people nowadays require a portable […]

Asus ROG GL552: Best Budget Gaming Laptop

Asus ROG GL552

In the world of Gaming Laptops, performance with long better battery life is everything, but in the same time gaming laptops can put some serious dent in your wallet as Gaming Laptops may costs more than $2500. Asus on Thursday launched its Asus ROG GL552 gaming laptop which is priced under $1000. This high-end laptop is […]

Control linear actuator via WiFi

Control Linear Actuator via WiFi

Automation for home systems to industrial systems is a very big step for our technological advancement. With the use of electric actuators, motion systems have acquired the best efficiency and accuracy. Today, a new fad with actuators is the use of an easily installable WiFi actuator app which allows the user to control and direct […]

How to Choose the Right Laptop for College Students?

Choose the Best Laptop for Students

If you have decided to shop for a new laptop for your child who just got admission in his college, you need to find the one at the most competitive price. Price is the most primary concern for most people while shopping. The advancement of technology at a faster pace for the past few decades […]

Laptop buying guide: How to buy right laptop?

Laptop Buying Guide

Buying a laptop can be a difficult thing to do. With so many brands, offers, and specifications it a challenge to choose one. Most of us simply settle for something someone at your local store recommends to you. Ask for suggestions and recommendations from your friends, family, and relatives when buying some new gadgets. You […]

Best Laptop Brands for Gaming and Editing

Best Laptop Brands for Gaming

If you have been looking for a new laptop that can quench your need for video gaming objectives, you can find some brands that provide gaming laptops with inclusive features that definitely gratify your gaming needs. Whether you are budget oriented or have enough money, there is something available in the market that best suits […]