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Best Laptop Brands in India

Laptop Buying Guide

Having a good laptop at home is no more than a luxury in India. But with a growing economy, almost everyone is looking for the best laptop brands in India. To make your hassle easy we have assessed some of the best selling laptop brands in India and figured it out few top laptop brands […]

American laptop brands


Are you looking for the best American laptop brands to ease and secure your investment on a laptop like a costly gadget? Better you check our list. Based on our own research made here, we have evaluated 5 best laptop brands available in America. All you need to do is make a brand choice. Let’s […]

Reasons for a slow laptop that people don’t always consider

Slow Laptop

When a laptop becomes slow, people often assume that it’s simply old. Whilst it’s true that technology slows down and wears out over time, this isn’t always the reason for a device slowing down. Often, a wide variety of things can be causing a laptop to load slowly or function at a sub-par level. Once […]

How to fix an overheating laptop?

Fix Overheating Laptop

There are telltale signs that your laptop is overheating and it should be fixed as soon as you can. The most obvious sign is when it’s actually on your lap and you feel the burn! But if your laptop’s fan is unusually loud and spinning at its full load then pay attention to the laptop, […]

Recommended RAM for Gaming and Streaming

RAM Sticks

RAM is an active participant in gaming, making it one of the most vital parts when it comes to playing both video games and live streaming. Sure, games set to the highest settings for top-quality visuals are nice and all but in order to make it work quickly and properly, you will need more RAM […]

The best Hackintosh laptops

Best Hackintosh Laptops

There is no denying that Apple’s Mac OS is revered by many, especially by the power users because it allows them to do so much on the fly like editing videos, and even editing music just the way they want to. Apple’s offering such as Final Cut Pro has made things much easier. Not to […]

RTX Laptops: Is it Worth to Buy?

NVidia GeForce RTX 2080: CES 2019

In the first quarter of this year during CES 2019, NVidia showed up with a whole range of the new RTX Gaming Laptops. There were actually 40 different SKUs of RTX laptops announced. We’ve got ten of the biggest brands here from Alienware, ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte and loads of good stuff. In fact, even a […]

Do you really need more than 8 GB of RAM?


Are you a PC gamer or a professional content creator looking to buy/build a new gaming or workstation PC? Perhaps you want to upgrade your existing one? Whatever it is you’re doing, you want to make sure your system is strong enough for all the games you want to play or editing projects you’ll be […]

Stop your laptop from overheating without cooling pad

Burning Laptop

Out of all the problems that a laptop may incur, overheating is one of the common and serious ones. As it starts burning the main motto of a laptop dies. In fact, the cooling system of laptops is considered quite a significant factor while buying a new laptop. While most of the people don’t even […]

Microsoft Laptops: A Trip Down the Memory Lane

Microsoft Surface Series

Microsoft Windows has been the “Primary OS” across desktops and laptops for a long time. With such a dominance and virtually no big competitor, Microsoft has stuck to just providing software to other manufacturers. But times are a-changing. With Google entering the hardware business and with Apple’s success, hardware is a lucrative piece of the […]