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Are AirTags a security risk?


AirTag’s low cost and interconnected feature make them useful and also makes them the hottest tech right now that I struggle to find even the glibbest of humor in them. Your own AirTags are reasonably safe in terms of not sharing any kind of information or data but location if someone slips a tag of […]

Does JioFi support carrier aggregation?

JioFi is considered the best device for the Jio network but it does not have or support the feature of carrier aggregation. JioFi connects to a single band at a time with no aggregation.

Top 10 best laptop brands of 2022 by reliability

Best Laptop Brands

Thinking of buying a laptop from the best brands, then you are on the right page. We’ve reviewed over a dozen of the best laptop brands, let’s see which one has easy after-sales service, features, and value.

How much RAM do you need? Briefly explained


Random Access Memory, in short RAM, is a volatile memory that is responsible for managing a computer’s short-term data and stores most-used files in RAM so that next time it can be served quickly. We can see that most modern devices are coming with RAM from 2 to 32 GB range and some machines are […]

Why is unused RAM wasted RAM?


Random Access Memory in short RAM is a system memory typically used to store working data and machine codes in a volatile way. In the computing world, sufficient RAM makes sure the workflow is operating smoothly. If the system has less RAM size compared to what workflow needs then things will suffer from a huge […]

Amazon music is streaming from another device… but it isn’t!


Most of us use Alexa at home to entertain ourselves and most commonly to listen to songs. But sometimes Alexa gets confused when we say to play some music and she responds… Amazon music is streaming from another device. Would you like to stream from this device? It doesn’t work after this no matter whether […]

Gadgets and apps that can help keep your kids safe


It is a dangerous world out there. As every parent knows, we never know what lurks around every corner of the cyberbully on your child’s laptop. And it may not be possible to know everything, but we also don’t want our kids to be too scared to go out in the world. So what can […]

Best laptops for college students

College student

We all are living in digital era where education is way ahead of its earlier time. Today, college students use laptops for almost all kind of educational work — from writing notes to submit assignments. Years back, whenever we heard the term computers, we used to think about those huge desktop computers. You’d have to […]

Is JioFi faster than Jio SIM?

The majority of us have used Jio SIM, as it is affordable and offers a true 4G experience. Some even have used JioFi as their primary or secondary router, even in lockdown (China’s Covid-19), there was an unforeseeable demand for mobile routers, and trust me the internet was full of this question – is JioFi […]

6 useful ways to reuse an old router


If you have an old router, then you can use it for different purposes. You should reuse these things instead of throwing it somewhere because electronic waste is one of the most common toxic wastes, including mercury, which is very poisonous for human health, causing liver or brain damage. When e-waste is mixed inland or […]