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How classroom technology benefits students and their instructors?

Classroom Technology

Technology is gradually creeping into the classrooms, slowly taking over the traditional methods of imparting education. From the use of slide projectors to the introduction of computers, laptops, and iPads in the classes, it is been seen as the next big thing that is going to revolutionize the field of education. The reason for this […]

8 Critical Questions You Should Ask Yourself as a Blogger


It happens for everyone to find struggles on the path of success and for bloggers who are running their blogs successfully, it is so true indeed. However, out of all the wrong doers, the one who can find his mistake and rectify it the quickest and be termed as a successful blogger. For every bloggers […]

Journal entries in accounting [Basics]

Journal Entries

Journal is one of the most important book of account, in which business transactions are recorded systematically. In layman’s term, we can say it is a book of daily records. When a businessman completes a business transaction, he records it in the rough or waste book in a short and summarized form. Then this business […]

5 Payment Gateway Solutions for Indian Entrepreneurs

Payment Gateway Solutions

With the boom in the eCommerce activity Indian entrepreneurs are always looking for payment gateway solutions that can meet their requirements. Whether you are a small blogger or a big merchant you need to incorporate a payment gateway into your website. So in this article we are giving you 5 best payment gateway solutions with […]

Content marketing tips to boost your business reach

Content Marketing Tips

Everything can be accessed to through the Internet these days- from online shopping, booking flights, dinner reservations and even a quick medical and dental access. Over the years, the demand for marketing services is getting high thus companies try to outsmart each other through content marketing since the competition is a notch higher. The key […]

How to Start Blogging in a Simple But Practical Way?

Start Blogging

If you are thinking to establish an online business or just want to do something in your extra time to make some money then blogging can be a great way to start. Blogging on the internet is a business with huge potential and most of people on the internet are already making multiple digit income […]

20 Blog Post Ideas to Attract Readers to Your Blog

20 Blog Post Ideas to Attract Readers to Your Blog

Are you a new blogger? Do you think you are not getting enough traffic to your blog site? Then, here are some ideas to increase the readership of the blog and to make readers come back to your site. If you are using blogging as a tool to promote the products or services of your company […]

Tricks to Increase Blog Traffic

Blog Marketing Strategies

If you are in the industry of marketing long enough, you would know how powerful it is to make use of the Internet as your primary medium to send message across your target market. You would never expect how far you can reach if you use online marketing as your key to promote whatever business […]

How to create a lead machine using salesforce?

Get More Leads

One of the key areas where Salesforce has an advantage is in managing the inbound leads effectively. However, for smaller and medium businesses, the presence of marketing software add-ons and all other options could be too expensive and it could also involve too much work for the team that is comparatively smaller for small and […]

Digitalization of the companies is the new concept of the peer economy

Sharing Economy

The sharing economy has a list of meanings but is mostly described as the social and economical activity that involves online transactions and peer-to-peer is referred to as the sharing of the services and goods in the open-source community. Apart from the peer-to-peer, even the sales transaction that happens between the B2C (business to consumer) […]