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20 Windows 8 Shortcuts You Should Know

Windows 8 Shortcuts

Windows 8 Shortcuts

Windows 8 Shortcuts

Windows 8 and its stable version 8.1 and Windows RT comes with so many new features; along with its new features Microsoft have also added some new shortcuts as well. So here are 20 most common and important Windows 8 shortcuts that you must know for a better work experience.

 Windows Shortcuts  Description of Shortcuts
 Windows Key + Start Typing  Search Your PC
 Windows Key + C  Open Charms
 Windows Key + F  Search Files in Charms
 Windows Key + H  Open Share Option in Charms
 Windows Key + I  Open Settings in Charms
 Windows Key + J  Switch Between Main and Snapped Apps
 Windows Key + K  Open Devices in Charms
 Windows Key + M  Minimize All Apps
 Windows Key + Shift + M  Maximize All Apps
 Windows Key + O  Lock the Screen Orientation
 Windows Key + P  Set Projection Option
 Windows Key + Q  Search Apps in Charms
 Windows Key + W  Search Settings in Charms
 Windows Key + X  Show Quick Menu
 Windows Key + Z  Show the Commands Available in Apps
 Windows Key + Spacebar  Switch Between Available Languages
 Windows Key + Tab  Cycle Through Open Apps
 Windows Key + Ctrl + Tab  Cycle Through Open Apps in Reverse Order
 Windows Key + Print Screen  Take a Snapshot of Current Screen
 Windows Key + Pause Break  Show System Properties

These are the most common Windows 8 Shortcuts that will help you to adapt the new user interface of Windows 8 / 8.1 and RT.


  1. Aakash Solanki

    Liked it so much, Windows 8 is really amazing and especially its charms bar which gives me feel of tablet. Thanks for sharing Windows 8 shortcuts.

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  2. Jey Ganesh

    Very useful information for Windows computer users. This keyboard shortcut information really improved the productivity.

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